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Elite Call Lanyard

Elite Call Lanyard

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We designed this lanyard to be comfortable, functional, and versatile. With its wide padded neck strap, you won’t have to worry about a thin strap digging in or paracord pulling on your hair. The extra width is also nice to rest back on when tucked behind a collar or hood.

The drops are strategically sized to give you just the right length to raise each call without the entire lanyard moving: Short Double and Single Whistle Drops for the sides and a Long Double for the bottom. With five drop locations and quick-connect metal swivel drops, you can arrange the calls to best fit your needs from one hunt to the next.

The lanyard ships with three drops: one Single Whistle, one Short Double, and one Long Double. Buy additional drops for each of your calls and be ready to quickly change them out as you travel in pursuit of different species.


  • 12 ½" x 2 ½" Padded Neck Strap
  • Five Raised Call Drop Attachment Points
  • Heavy Duty Metal Rings
  • One Long Double Call Drop with Cinch Down System
  • One Short Double Call Drop with Cinch Down System
  • One Short Single Whistle Drop
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